Matric Dance Photos for Dylan and Kiara

Earlier this year I did a Matric Farewell shoot for school friends’ daughter.   The day after that we as a school group had a mini reunion and Kiara’s mom also came through for the Braai.  Last year I did Kiara’s 16th Birthday photos and she then asked me at the reunion if I would take the photos of Dylan’s Matric Dance.  Dylan is also her boyfriend and I immediately said YES.  I took these photos a few weeks ago already, but Dylan asked to give her a photo enlarged as a gift and for me not to show the photo on social media before then.  I got busy with other work and trips and now I have a chance to load these images.

The Saturday afternoon was quite hot and when I got to the venue where the photos was to be taken, I just looked for shade the whole time.  The venue is awesome and I also did Tyler’s shoot there.  Dylan and Tyler are friends and it was arranged to take the photos close to their house in the estate where they live.

Dylan and Kiara, THANK YOU for being such a lovely couple in front of the lens.  It does make it easier when you do these types of shoots and the couple are more than just friends.  It shows in your photos how much you like each other,  Thank you for choosing me.

Here are some images of the shoot. I hope you enjoy them?


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