Recently I did a Fashion Photography shoot for a Cape Town based male model.  Lesala Mampa was one of the models that went with us on our recent trip to Mozambique.

He is a full time model, very experienced, professional and assisted me tremendously with poses.

The first day we had an early morning with a sunrise shoot.  The theme for the first shoot was FITNESS.  I wanted to shoot with natural light.  Unfortunately it was very overcast and due to this, I had to make use of some fill light to make the images pop more.

He understood exactly what I required from him, and we exchanged some ideas.  We were both extremely happy with the first shoot’s result.

A few days later we had another opportunity to do another shoot. We planned something totally different.  He had some garments from IMPRINT ZA and we decided to go into the woods and do a fashion photography shoot outside as the sun was rising.  I used a battery pack light source with an Octobox to get the correct lighting.  I am extremely happy with the results we got from this photo session.

Please contact me if you are interested in doing a shoot.  If you liked the photos that I have posted, feel free to comment.  Here are some of the images of the two shoots

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