Model portfolio shoot at Irene Dairy Farm

Just over 2 weeks ago I was contacted on a Photography Page on Facebook by a mother that wanted me to do a shoot with her daughter.  We started talking about her requirements and I realised that Carmen is still new to the modelling industry and therefore needs photos for her portfolio.  We discussed where and when and soon we decided that Irene Dairy Farm would be the best place.

What I like to do is to have clear communication with the customer, to make sure I know what they expect of me.  I also gave them links of ideas they could use to style her and for me to use when posing her.

On Wednesday 14 September it was overcast and when I got to the venue, had stunning light to work with.  As a photographer I combine natural light with flash, to create images that has nice detail in them and today I also decided to shoot with a much lower depth of field.  Meaning I blur the background even more than normal.

From the first shot taken to the last, 410 images later I had so much fun and Carmen was fantastic in front of the lens.  Hard to believe she is only 17 years old and still a rookie in the modelling game. Her secret was that she was relaxed with me as photographer and that was showing on her images.

I am also going to do another post a bit later where I show some BEFORE images of the shoot and then next to it the AFTER edited version.

Here are the images that she selected and I hope that you will enjoy looking at them as much as I have when I took it and edited them.

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