As a recently relocated Gauteng based full time photographer I needed some new work to add to my new website. As I decided to change my business name and made it more personal, I decided to do some shoots in Mozambique.  In June I went with a few photographers and models to Praia de Bilene in Mozambique where I did some model shoots.

Sean went with his girlfriend and is not a model at all.  I saw him, asked him to do a shoot with me and this is the WOW images that I got.  I have never seen someone so at ease in front of the lens like him.

The first day we tried to do the shoot but rain intervened. Therefore we had to wait till the next day before we could finish it. As a result of this the blue sky and sun the following day helped us getting some stunning photos. Sean has now decided to become a model and I am keen to use him in the future again.

Good luck with your new “career” Sean.

Have a look at these images and if you are keen to do a shoot with me please feel free to contact me.  You can also leave a comment and tell me what you think about this shoot.

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