Matric Farewell photos for St John’s College kids

I was commissioned to do a shoot for 12 kids that had there farewell last Saturday the 10th of September.  I had clear instructions what I must shoot and who I must shoot.  Therefore I did not have too much scope with creativity.  As there was not a lot of time either it felt like a bit of a sausage machine to get them photographed before leaving.

The kids came together at a friend’s house and I had to do the shoot there, while they were busy having some snacks and drinks.  A few kids even came late and with the sun setting it was a mad dash to get everything done before them leaving.  A few of the boys was not even keen on taking photos and that made for a lot of jokes among them.

I shot a lot of photos with a very shallow depth of field blurring the backgrounds to hide it in a sense.  The light was awesome at one stage but that area of the house did not appeal to having nice photos, forcing me to work in the shadowy area where I could use a wall as a background.

By the end of the shoot there was a lot more than the 12 but I had fun and that’s all that matters

Here are some of the images.

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