Lorna Jane South Africa Active Nation Day

I have been commissioned to do photos for the Lorna Jane Ativewear group.  They had their Active Nation day all over the world and in South Africa on Sunday the 25th of September.  There were events in Durban and Cape Town as well as the Johannesburg session that was held at the Nelson Mandela Square.

At 7h00 I was ready to start shooting the registration and also some images of the branding.  At 8h00 the fun started with the different gym exercises that would take place.  First it was High Intensity training followed by Zumba and the day ended off with a Yoga session.

The atmosphere was electric and all the participants was in keen spirit and eager to also pose for some images.

I enjoyed this day so much.  It was the quickest a 4 hour photo session has gone by.

Thank you to the staff of Lorna Jane that made me feel welcome and giving me feedback through the day when I was asking for it.  It was a pleasure taking these photos and I am happy to share these images on my blog with you.

Hope to work with you again soon.


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