International Wedding Photography in Lilongwe Malawi

In the middle of last year we started negotiations with Kyle and Jes to cover their wedding on New Years eve in Malawi.  As a wedding photographer I am also part of a network of photographers and we assist each other should one of us not be able to assist a customer.

Kobus Schoeman Photography‘s profile was selected by the couple and soon I was planning to spend New Year in a foreign country and also cover a wedding in the process.

Traveling to another country to cover a wedding has always been something I have enjoyed.  Getting to know the different cultures and to get to meet new people and make friends is part of the privilege I have to be a wedding photographer.

My fiance and I decided to also make a bit of a holiday out of this trip seeing that it is over New Year.  We decided to extend our stay and made arrangements to go with the Kyle and Jes and their friends to Lake Malawi the day after the wedding.  What an awesome experience.

Due to the fact that we ran out of light on the Saturday to do the couple photos, I decided to pull their arms and get them to take their wedding attire to the Lake.  That was the best decision ever.  They were so relaxed.  The weather was great and the photos I got was just stunning.

Kyle and Jes.  Thank you very much for the opportunity to capture your special day as well as the bachelors and hen party.  It was great meeting your friends and family and they are all great people.  I trust that these photos will be to your satisfaction.

As mentioned I am part of a group of photographers and the One2One Group can assist you should I not be available.

Here are the photos of the wedding and the Trash the Dress we did 2 days later.  I have decided to showcase a lot more images than normal as all the friends and family are staying all over the world and they will not get an opportunity soon to see the final album.

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