Taking photos of a Surveyor at work in the bush is not something that I normally do.

By getting invited to tag along with an old school friend of mine to do surveying, I saw photo opportunities.  As a full time photographer that also has stock libraries where I sell some of my work online, I had to get more stock.

Adrien is also the dad of Lane whose Matric Farewell photos I took the previous day.  We had some time to waste before going to a braai for our school friends from some 28 years ago.

We went to a farm on the Stoffberg road pass Middelburg in Mpumalanga.  The owner of the farm had some fencing to be marked out and Adrien was to help him.  The sky was clear and very blue and made for some WoW images. This farm has a 4×4 track, trails for hiking as well as abseiling.

To get to the area where we had to measure called for some heavy 4×4 driving as well as about 10km of walking through dense bush.  My scratched legs are evidence of this.

What an awesome day with an old school friend.  Thank you for inviting me Adrien.

Here are some images to tell the story of the day, showing photos of a surveyor.


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